Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Can we stop the insanity? Please??

Congratulations to President Barak Obama for winning a second term. I, like most Americans, was up late last night watching the results. Our CTV here in Canada streamed the whole thing live on my computer, so I was a happy camper.

My thoughts this morning are - now that it’s all over, can it really be over? Can we all please stop the insanity? No more attack ads. No more fighting. No more hatred. Quit the relentless campaigning and obscene campaign money raising and govern the country. 

There is so much that needs to be done. The rest of the world needs you. We in Canada need you. But we need an America which isn’t divided and acting stupidly childish. Please, please reach out and work together. Congress and senate? There is a little word called ‘compromise’ - look it up in the dictionary. Resolve to practice it. Listen to your president. You elected him. He is your leader whether you like it or not. So, like it. Just do it.

And now finally, a few words to both Fox News and MSNBC News. You know what you’re doing. Stop it. Now. I would like to take the both of you into a room, give you ‘time outs’ and then make you look at each other and say ‘I’m sorry.’ There is a little word called ‘kindness’. Look it up in the dictionary. Resolve to practice it. People tune into you for information and advice, and all they get from you is vitriol, anger and hatred. That fuels their anger and hatred even more. Have you read Twitter lately? Do you really want a revolution?

Mark 3:25