Friday, April 27, 2012

My Relationship with Goodreads

I'm an author and I love Goodreads.  I love it for two  reasons. The first is that it's a wonderful place for me to track my own reading. A long time ago, back in the era of paper, I kept track of the  books I read in a little notebook. I gave them  ratings from 1 to 10. Now, however, I use Goodreads for that same purpose.  And I can share these with my friends.

The second reason I love Goodreads is for the “recommendations.” Once you've reviewed twenty books you get to see a huge list of the types of book you like to read.  I have found many wonderful new mystery and thriller authors this way.

Some authors shun Goodreads because of the reviews they may have gotten on the site. And I've gotten my share of two star reviews–ugh!  And it's never pleasant. But my advice is to use this wonderful site as a personal reading tool, a personal tool for sharing with your friends the books you have read and enjoyed.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A gift for Friday the 13th

Because of this auspicious occasion - the 13th of Friday - I'm making one of my best selling novels free for your Kindle! Just go here.

STEAL AWAY was originally published by Multnomah Books. I am so pleased now to offer it as an eBook. It was shortlisted both for a Christy and a Daphne. I hope you enjoy it!

A year ago I thought eReading devices were the dumbest things going. The book itself, the print version, the binding, the pages that turn - whats wrong with that perfectly good technology? And then I got a Kobo Touch for Christmas. And now there is no going back for me. It's featherweight. I can read it in bed without getting shoulder aches, and can adjust the print size for these old eyes of mine.

As for Kindle books, I read them on my iPhone, which is also wonderful. There are so many times I'm stuck in traffic, or stuck in a line in the bank or post office, and can whip out my iPhone and read a chapter or two.

The only thing I don't like? I haven't taken my Kobo into the bathtub with me. Also, the beach. Do you just leave your Kobo or Kindle on the sand when you go in for s swim? I can leave beach books on the sand without a thought. Since I haven't had a Kobo in the summer yet, it remains to be seen what I finally end up doing.

Cheers -