Friday, April 13, 2012

A gift for Friday the 13th

Because of this auspicious occasion - the 13th of Friday - I'm making one of my best selling novels free for your Kindle! Just go here.

STEAL AWAY was originally published by Multnomah Books. I am so pleased now to offer it as an eBook. It was shortlisted both for a Christy and a Daphne. I hope you enjoy it!

A year ago I thought eReading devices were the dumbest things going. The book itself, the print version, the binding, the pages that turn - whats wrong with that perfectly good technology? And then I got a Kobo Touch for Christmas. And now there is no going back for me. It's featherweight. I can read it in bed without getting shoulder aches, and can adjust the print size for these old eyes of mine.

As for Kindle books, I read them on my iPhone, which is also wonderful. There are so many times I'm stuck in traffic, or stuck in a line in the bank or post office, and can whip out my iPhone and read a chapter or two.

The only thing I don't like? I haven't taken my Kobo into the bathtub with me. Also, the beach. Do you just leave your Kobo or Kindle on the sand when you go in for s swim? I can leave beach books on the sand without a thought. Since I haven't had a Kobo in the summer yet, it remains to be seen what I finally end up doing.

Cheers -


  1. Congratulations on breaking in your blog site! It looks great. I've read Steal Away and loved the story. The book inspired us to visit Grand Manan Island again. Now there's a perfect spot for a writer's retreat!

    Good luck with your free give-away!

  2. Welcome to Blogdom. And I hope you can continued success with Steal Away! That's great that you have it free!