Thursday, April 4, 2013


A favorite social media site of mine is Goodreads. I enjoy it not as a place to promote my own books and stories, but as a reader. I am a reader on Goodreads. It’s where I track my own reading. My reviews there are basically for my own benefit and rarely include more than a sentence or two. It helps me keep track of what books I have read and what books are still on my TBR pile. 

The most valuable place there for me are the book recommendations.  Based on my reading habits, I get lists of books that are ‘similar’  to what I enjoy. I’ve been introduced to a number of new authors that way. 

I also participate in a few 'book clubs.’ I love chatting about books. The members there don't even know I'm a writer  or if they do, I never promote there.  It has been my one 'safe' place where I didn't feel I had to promote every second. On Goodreads I'm a reader first, writer second. 

I’m not a visual person, so Pinterest pretty much bores me. Facebook is good, but sort of functions for me as a website. Goodreads is the place I feel I can ‘hang out with my peeps.’

Therefore I’m not altogether cheered that Amazon has purchased this massive site. If Amazon has all my preference info now - along with the names of the 50+ books I've read,  will I be inundated with ads? Probably. It’ll become one more site where I’m bombarded with marketing and feel I have to promote my own stuff or drown. 

I got off Shelfari for that very reason. 

Here are a few more links about the acquisition of Goodreads:


  1. I'm concerned about it, too, Linda. I am bombarded by ads that reflect my recent internet viewing and I don't like it. I wish I could remove whatever cookies are in my computer than tell everyone what I've looked at. Hey, Amazon, GR, just because I looked at a hotel website doesn't mean I will rent a room through YOUR marketing efforts!

  2. I hear ya, Barbara. Happens all the time with Facebook. I get periodic Amazon email newsletters, because, yes, I am interested in books. But if I'm looking for anything, you can bet I'll get an email from Amazon advertising those particular products. I'm sort of in the market for a small food dehydrator - so I thought, I'll look and see what Amazon has. That was 2 days ago.

    Well, this morning wouldn't you know it - an email from Amazon with a bunch of food dehydrators, plus food processors, etc.

  3. Good post, Linda. Lots of excellent points. We'll have to wait and see what comes of all these changes Amazon is making. Gail

  4. Linda, this is true. I went on Amazon to buy boots to support my bad ankle. I get mail all the time now. It is annoying but I'm thankful for the delete button. Doris