Monday, June 3, 2019

Where I Hang Out Now

Dear readers,

This blog has been on a temporary hold for a while, quite a while, and still is. I do all of my online interacting on my Facebook page, not my blog nor my Facebook business page, which I’ll get to in a minute, but my regular ‘friends’ page. I found that when I would post a link to my blog on my Facebook page, all of the interaction about that blog would occur on my Facebook page anyway!

So, Facebook (and Instagram) seems to be where I am hanging out these days and here’s a link to my site. I still have plenty of room for ‘friends’, so please shoot me a ‘friend’ request and I will respond quickly.

It’s on Facebook where I review books, movies, music of interest, and generally wax eloquent about my faith journey, politics, religion, my garden, my kayak adventures and anything else that strikes my fancy. And I welcome comments. 

To me it almost seems a better way to communicate with friends anyway. I know that Facebook is getting a bad rap lately, as well it should (I’m currently a quarter of the way into the Mueller Report  When I finish it, I know I will be talking about it on Facebook), but it still seems to be the best place for me to interact with you.

A few items of note:

1. Instagram. I’m there, too, but it’s just for my art. If you’re interested in seeing what I’m up to in the watercolor side of things, please follow me there. You may know from other posts on this blog, that I have come to art late in life. I have only been painting maybe three years, but love it! I’m currently taking an online art course from this wonderful Canadian artist, Angela Fehr, so there will be lots about that there. 

2. I’m also on Goodreads. Each year I set myself a goal, and that’s where I keep track of all the books I read. I invite you to be my ‘friend’ there, too. I often write short reviews there, and recommend books of note to my Goodreads' "friends."

A funny note about GOODREADS: There are lots of writers named Linda Hall, it seems, and about every other month I have to go in and see what books have been 'added' to my author site simply because my name is Linda Hall. No, I did not write a book about how hypnosis can change your life (although it sounds quite interesting. Hmmm.), nor did I write a book about letting the children play, or one on budgeting your money. (Please do not take budgeting advice from me!) When I see that books not written by me have been added to my author list, I have to go in, and request that they be taken down. I have their email on speed dial.

2. TWITTER, PINTEREST and anything else: I never post on Twitter, and never go there. I think I may have an account there, but it’s totally dormant. The only time I ever go to Twitter is if I’m in a traffic jam in my city, I’ll get on my phone and see if anyone has tweeted about it on the City of Fredericton site, or the Fredericton Police. But that’s about it. I find Pinterest too cumbersome, although one day when I have nothing to do (ha!) I may venture in there and clean up my own site. It’s dreadfully out of date. So don’t look for me there.

3. More about  my Facebook business page. 
 I hardly ever hang out there, either. I find all people's business pages difficult to navigate, to find posts and figure out where you're supposed to post messages. I do know however, that some people when looking for me, find that page first. 

4. Some good news of note - I guess I should have started with this post,  but if you have managed to read all the way down here, well, you deserve the gold star today!

 THE DEVIL TO PAY, the third mystery in my Em Ridge sailing mysteries should be ready for release by mid to late summer. If you want to be the first to know when it’s available, please shoot me an email at and in the subject line write NEWSLETTER and in the body of the email please write - Please subscribe me to the newsletter list.

The two previous Em Ridge sailing mysteries, Night Watch and The Bitter End are available. 

I began this post by saying that this blog is on hold. The reason that I haven't shut it down entirely is because - well - you never know. I may start it up again sometime. Or maybe I won't. But I'm keeping my options open. 

With love,

Linda Hall

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  1. Yes, dear, you do (yoo hang-out);
    yet, you wont forever. Neither shall
    I. Im not stickin' around for much
    longer; I gotta lotta Seventh-Heaven
    to VitSee. Follow us to the Great
    Beyond, gorgeous. We'll have a bawl:
    ♡ ♡