Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Create Space—Almost, sort of—and helpful people along the way (Short update on my Indie journey)

I should have had my Create Space "proof" for Strange Faces by now. Just so you know: a proof is that final printed copy of the book where you get to go over it and over it and over it some more for errors. I should have had this hot little book in my hands July 1. That was the delivery date.

Well, it didn't come and it didn't come and it didn't come. I was like the kid staying up all night waiting for Christmas. And it doesn't come. Yesterday we called Create Space at Amazon. We weren't even put on hold very long (I like them over there.)

They agreed with us. It should have been here by now. So, they are sending another copy to arrive quick like a bunny, special express at no extra charge to us. 

So, lesson learned with Amazon. If you have a problem or question, phone them. Maybe you'll get the nice lady we had. 

Meanwhile, I am so pleased to announce that Carolyn W. won the free eCopy of Strange Faces. Free copy, you ask? I didn't know anything about a giveaway. Well, you would if you were signed up for my newsletter. My newsletter is where I give aways and have freebies and contests. To never miss another one, here's the link

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